Maple Forest

In 2016, Craig’s Mowing and Landscaping, LLC participated in a showcase of homes. This gorgeous house was built in the Maple Forest Subdivision, and is a 1/2 acre lot with a wooded exterior. Our goal was to combine functionality and elegance, with economic prices. In the front yard we built a retaining wall around the front porch, to allow for a elevated bed that showcases plantings. We routed the sidewalk to the driveway in front of this, so visitors could see the garden. The entire house has a water-smart wi-fi irrigation system, and fresh sod installed. In the backyard there is a large semi-private patio perfect for get-togethers, without isolating the owners from the neighborhood: an elegant backyard oasis. To provide some privacy, we placed cedar fencing with lattice tops, combined with  and broke it up with arborvitae trees to give it a softer, greener touch. The patio has a firepit with a sitting wall, perfect for roasting marshmallows or keeping chill fall air at bay. Pillars  outside the house have lights which can be turned on and off without having to leave the house. Along the sides of the residence, we placed a 2 foot stone border with aluminum edging to give it a clean look that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Long Walkway & Retaining Wall

This gallery shows a single large project featuring an extensive brick walkway, along with a broad brick retaining wall. Featured are photos of the project in various stages of construction, from the very beginning to the very end. This was a complete transformation!

Before work on this project began, this nice house was saddled with an empty, unremarkable lawn. In fact, the house looked quite out of place. Afterwards, it looks much more comfortable in the yard. A few trees, some mulch, and an elegant walkway fit the grandeur of the house. Pay close attention to the precision of each brick on the retaining wall, and the entire (quite long) walkway. Also note the huge difference a fresh coat of mulch can make.

Poolside Patio, Walkway & Dividing Wall

Before construction on the project began, this backyard was typical of those Clifton Park homes lucky enough to have a pool: a nice house, and inviting aquamarine water – but big slabs of concrete and overgrown hedges that made the space feel small.

After construction finished, the yard was opened up, and became a truly inviting place to pass time, whether after a hard day of work, or during a summer pool party. The hedges and rotting wood divider were replaced with an elegant walkway, and the concrete slabs were replaced with a custom patio. Finally, we constructed a low stone wall to divide the patio from the pool… and also so there was somewhere to set down burgers, sodas, or beer.

Smaller Patios & Walkways

This gallery
features several projects which comprise smaller hardscapes, from standalone patios to walkways that snake invitingly through the backyard. Sometimes a small change can really transform a backyard. Maybe it’s taking a huge expanse of empty grass and putting in a place to eat dinner when it’s warm out, or enjoy the fall foliage as it gets cooler.

Or maybe it’s taking a backyard accented with trees, and putting in a pathway to a garden arbor. Set out some wrought iron chairs and it becomes an English country estate.

Wooden Retaining Walls

Sometimes the best thing for a yard is a wooden retaining wall. Although more subtle than brickwork, it can also really fit in with a more rustic yard. While understated, a retaining wall can help terrace a yard for plants, or provide a nice break between different elevations.

A simple retaining wall, or set of walls is great, but what about a retaining wall that also encloses a planter? Perfect for growing vegetables, or getting started with flowers, it can also be the perfect thing for an empty yard.