Hardscape Features

Our senior design members have over 20 years of experience, so we are able to provide you with cutting edge techniques and products that work, at competitive rates. We will tailor your project to best meet your needs.

Our patios are fully customizable to your needs. You may choose from many different options, such as heated patios, integrated grills and chimneys, and pre-plumbing for hot tubs to hide those ugly wires and pipes. With all of our pavers there are a wide range of colors and pattern selections from a simple straight lay pattern to a complex pattern with different inlays and colors. No matter what the project, we are able to tailor to fit your personal needs.

Some projects may encompass elevation changes, and we both design and install various types and sizes of wall block for your individual needs. Be it retainer walls to hold back earth to tier property, or a cosmetic wall to accent the front of a house. No matter how large or small the project, we can design and install the wall that best fits your needs.

Check out our Patios & Walkways Gallery for examples of our work.